Made, not offer! Seryabkina desperately hides the pregnancy from the producer?

Сделал положение, а не предложение! Серябкина отчаянно скрывает беременность от продюсера?

Clothing is not the size of the singer is probably trying to hide the consequences of communication with Fadeev.

Failed release of Olga in baggy clothes made her Instagram followers to begin to doubt that could be a joke or, at worst, a manifestation of bad taste. Not only as Seryabkina is desperately trying to hide her pregnancy from the producer?

Rumors about the secret relationship of Molly and max Fadeev go for a long time. In no small measure contributed to this privileged position in the former group Seryabkina, which plump the producer is clearly always going on about. Because somehow it is doubtful that for the sake of one mediocre singer was pereraspredelitel all “Silver”. Then clearly it’s not vocal, but in a completely different “virtues” hot “stars,” which she did not hesitate to flaunt. It is not surprising that an aging producer increasingly difficult to observe the image of the exemplary family man, when there is bursting with passion temperamental temptress.

The actions and words Fadeeva against his ward also speak volumes! One has only to recall the story of when he tried to switch attention to the rumors of when Seryabkina with his son, hastily recording a video message that no relationship between the 33-year-old Olga and his 21-year-old son there. Producer feigned indignation denied this relationship, Prestigio susceptible to tabloid sensationalism of journalists. But because the guru show business knows its main law: denial is the key to finding the opposite!

It is obvious that Fadeev was hoping the media attention will switch over to the fictional relationship between Olga and Savva, in order to refute the words of the cunning producer. While he Fadeev will indulge in the sweet pleasures with the object of his secret passion. But, alas! The last photo the “star” in clothing, clearly hiding the roundness Seryabkina, opaque hinted to us that the passionate producer has made the lady hearts is not an offer, but very spicy situation!