Madonna lit with a spectacular performance at the Eurovision song contest-2019 in Israel: video

Мадонна зажгла ярким выступлением на Евровидении-2019 в Израиле: видео

American singer Madonna has become a stellar guest present the Eurovision song contest in tel Aviv. Her performance will cost $ 1 million, but all the expenses has decided to take on local billionaire Sylvan Adams. Consequently, the star took to the main stage of Israel at the end of the show.

As previously reported, Madonna will perform two songs in the final of the Eurovision song contest-2019. Despite the arrival of the singer to Israel a few days before the competition, her performance was under question, since she wasn’t even signed the contract. Also earlier there were differences between the team of the singer and the organizers of the competition, because the Madonna wanted to perform his unreleased single, which was dedicated to U.S. policy. And the producers of the show asked me to exclude this song from the performance in tel Aviv.

It seems that everything is okay and the star still managed to surprise the European viewers on the main music competition. She performed a new song in the traditional outrageous costumes. In front of the audience Madonna appeared in a black Cape and eye patch.

Eurovision-2019: see the video of the finals – by Madonna

Video will be later

Already during the second song Future pop diva took the Cape and left in a sexy dress. Madonna with dancers rhythmically danced and showed an unforgettable show. In the end star appeared with a member of the Ukrainian show “Dance all” by Daniel Siblini.

Eurovision-2019: see the video of the finals – Madonna sang the track Future

Video will be later

Earlier, Madonna has published on his page in Instagram a short video of the preparation for the performance, which fans were able to see the details of her costume.