Madonna naked in a milk bath and spoke about the pandemic: Everyone is equal before the virus

61-year-old pop diva was forced to cancel concerts in Paris and was quarantined due to the coronavirus. On the personal page in instagram Madonna posts a video isolation, and does not stop to inspire people to a conscious attitude to the pandemic.

A lover of extravagant images and shocking exits decided to draw attention to the coronavirus own body. Madonna issued a video in which posing absolutely naked in a milk bath with rose petals. She appeared without makeup and styling, however, have decorated their bodies with precious beads, earrings and bracelet.

In a romantic atmosphere, the singer spoke about the coronavirus, which ruthlessly endangers and takes the lives of people around the world regardless of their status in society. Madonna said that before virusom are all equal and no one can guess where it is in danger. That is why she urged not to neglect their health and stay home.

Covid-19. He does not care how rich you are, the famous, witty and intelligent, where you live, how old are you and what stories you can tell the world. The most striking thing is that he makes us equal as ever. And if this ship will sink, we sink together,
– said the pop diva.

Currently in isolation Madonna stays with their children in their own home in London. She told me that she reads, creates new music, working in the garden and don’t forget about communicating with friends.

In the world recorded nearly 344 000 cases of infection of the coronavirus. Almost 15 000 people died, almost 100 000 recovered. Top 5 countries by number of confirmed cases: China, Italy, USA, Spain and Germany.