Madonna of the quail his most famous hit home: what does fried fish

Quarantine was not spared even the world stars. Instead of the usual spectacular show in front of thousands of audience, they have to perform their songs in front of the camera lens. The legendary Madonna is no exception and performed his hit Vogue in the bathroom.

Pop diva had to cancel their show Madame X in the French capital because of the pandemic coronavirus. Madonna, like all stars, were on mandatory quarantine. However, she continues to delight fans with their creativity even in conditions of isolation.

On the personal page in instagram singer has posted a witty video in which quail his famous single, Vogue. If in the original version she was called to dance to the music in the upgraded – focus on food: “Come on, let’s eat some fried fish… Come on and dance, because pasta is no more.”

The star hinted at the fact that Americans EN masse are buying products because of the panic in the midst of a pandemic. In a witty video she appeared without make up in daily manner – sportswear clothing, but instead the microphone picked up a comb.

Life in particular times,
commented Madonna.

Madonna – Vogue: watch video

As of March 21, from viral pneumonia, which has been provoked by a coronavirus, died 11 402 people. The total number of infected – 275 452 people around the world. However, there is good news – I recovered more than 88 thousand people.