Maduro has the right to complain to the UN in Colombia – expert

Мадуро вправе пожаловаться в ООН на Колумбию - эксперт

Acting Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro can use their constitutional right to complain to the United Nations in Colombia in General and former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe in particular because of the attempts of the official Bogota to make a military coup in the Bolivarian Republic of (BR).

This personal opinion was expressed by Latin American political commentator Jorge Ruiz Mendez is in the comments correspondent of ГолосUA.

According to experts, at the disposal of N. Maduro got data showing that A. Uribe planned the physical elimination of the Venezuelan leader in August 2018-th year.

“Despite the fact that at that time Uribe has already laid down the powers of the presidency, he played a major role in the Colombian establishment and collaborated with the CIA – said the analyst. – That the Central intelligence Agency of the United States sponsored a group of extremists who attacked the podium of the President of BR at a military parade for more than a year ago.”

At the same time, J. R. méndez expressed doubt about the success of intentions N. Maduro achieve “the condemnation of the policy of Colombia” at the international level.

We will remind, since joining N. Maduro took office in 2013, the year it was made about 20 attempts. The last time the head of Venezuela were attacked on the holiday devoted to Day of Republic on August 4, 2018-th year. Then a group of terrorists blew up in Caracas unmanned aerial vehicle, resulting in five people were killed and about 50 received injuries of varying severity.