Maduro launches cryptocurrency casino, which will be used by Petro

Мадуро запускает криптовалютное казино, где будет использоваться Petro

Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan President, on Friday announced the opening of a new cryptocurrency casinos to their shattered country where the gaming industry is almost extinct.

Maduro said that the hotel Humboldt, located in the National Park Avila will soon be international casinos that will work with Petro (PTR), the national cryptocurrency of Venezuela. And the income from the casino will be sent not just anywhere, but to Finance the health and education of the country.

It is worth Recalling that the previous leader, a mentor Maduro, President Hugo Chavez has ordered the closure of all places for gambling, as the nursery of prostitution, drugs and crime. Since 2011, a relatively successful country degraded, worked here only a few online platforms that allow Venezuelans to gambling.

Although the casino seems even has no name, mysterious announcement Maduro raises many questions. He kept the intrigue about the exact date of the opening of the casino and whether the school, located in the “lungs of the city”, to mean the possibility of discovering other similar places. Incomprehensible logistics of how to work a casino – should guests use PetroApp? Whether in casino crypto-ATMs? Winners will pick up their winnings? – also remain a mystery.

Perhaps the most interesting question to this announcement is how in the country, lagging behind the whole world in matters of education and suffering from destroyed health structures, funds from profit crypto casino will be able to provide for the acute needs in health and education?

Last week, Maduro announced plans to sell Venezuela’s reserves of 4.5 million barrels of oil – state oil and gas company PDVSA for the national cryptocurrency Petro.

According to Maduro, the sale will help Venezuela “to open the road to new economy” and a world “peace and integration of the peoples, their happiness and improvement.”