Magnetic storms followed the lunar Eclipse of January

Магнитные бури пришли следом за лунным затмением января

The first lunar Eclipse 2020 flows smoothly into the strong magnetic storm on 14-15 January

Magnetic storm on 14-15 January 2020 will be a strong test for weather-sensitive people, writes Glavred.

At once, and LPI, and NASA agreed in the projections, calculate that the coming magnetic storm in January 2020 we are waiting for the 14 th and 15 th. Usually they are not so unanimous in the forecast of magnetic storms.

Most often a magnetic storm of such force turns into a headache and a disorder of sleep (periods of insomnia are replaced by a terrible sleepiness and Vice versa). People dizzy, before the eyes flashed black flies, there is a lack of energy and mood swings.

Often disposable medication does not take away the symptoms during magnetic storms.

This time the situation is exacerbated and the first lunar Eclipse 2020, passed January 10: his influence stretched to a few days after the event itself.

Hence the need to use just a set of measures to help themselves when magnetic storms: do not overeat, drink lots of water and soothing teas (to thin the blood, which thickens during storms), to indulge in a walk in the fresh air, but to take it easy with cardio. It should be possible to spare himself in training, at work and home, avoiding all sorts of stress.