Magnetic storms in April – is the time to prepare

Магнитные бури в апреле - есть время подготовиться

Magnetic storms in April 2020 will be several waves cover the Earth, causing people health problems. The researchers of this phenomenon called the new date methiocarb. What is a magnetic storm, whom she is facing a strong trouble and how to minimize its impact?

Under magnetic (geomagnetic) storm researchers called the perturbation of the geomagnetic field of the Earth. Such failures cause the flow in the vicinity of our planet, solar wind streams and their interaction with the magnetosphere of the Earth.

Dates of magnetic storms in April

According to the Laboratory x-ray astronomy of the sun LPI, the magnetosphere will be excited 10 and 11 March, and on March 15 will occur a magnetic storm, and then a few days will be a storm, two strong shot worth waiting for 26 and 27 March.

Magnetic storms in April (LPI)

Magnetic storms are most strongly affect the meteodependent people and those who have such problems with heart and blood vessels, like hypertension. Meteorologia can also cause panic attacks apathetic and depressive mood in psihoemozionale unstable people, RBC-Ukraine online reports.

Doctors suggest during periods of magnetic storms to keep the necessary medication nearby. But in healthy people geostorm can cause headaches, insomnia, causeless fatigue and irritability.

Experts advise on such days to avoid stress and to moderate physical activity. It is better to refuse from alcohol, reduce drinking coffee and also adhere to healthy diet and proper drinking regime.

Магнитные бури в апреле - есть время подготовиться