Magnetic storms in February: when you need to be ready

Магнитные бури в феврале: когда нужно быть готовым

The strongest magnetic storms and bursts of solar activity in February will occur on the major holidays of the month – Valentine’s Day, Candlemas and Shrove Tuesday. Meteodependent people will feel in these and other days some emotional fluctuations and deterioration of health. Therefore, it is important to know in advance what can cause your internal imbalance.

The insignificant magnetic fluctuations are possible in early February and the end of the month – 1, 2, 23, 24, 28, 29 numbers, reports

More serious and long-lasting magnetic storms are expected from 4th to 6th February and from 10 to 11 the number.

This year’s first weak magnetic storm was felt in Ukraine on January 14-15. However, the magnetic fluctuations in February will be more noticeable.

During magnetic storms, even in healthy people can start to have a headache, a fatigue and malaise, as well as worsen the mood for no apparent reason. In susceptible individuals during magnetic storms, the body responds more acutely: disrupted cardiovascular system, exacerbated chronic illness, may increase blood pressure and adrenaline levels in the blood, appear anxiety and fears.

In order to avoid negative consequences for the body, doctors recommend that in these days not to burden themselves excessive physical work, more rest, avoid stressful situations and to comply with the correct diet and water regime. Limit in the dangerous days of long travel and trips and always keep at hand the necessary medicines.