Magog says no to the developer of the controversial real estate project

The municipal council of Magog did not procrastinate long after hearing the grievances of the citizens of the sector of the rue Bruant-des-Marais. Thus, the elected officials decided to reject without further delay the zoning change application that was to pave the way for a new real estate project in this portion of the Magogois territory.
At the Monday night public meeting of the Magog City Council, Mayor Vicki-May Hamm confirmed that the proposed real estate project in the Bruant-des-Marais area will not be able to take shape as imagined. The zoning provides that no building with more than eight dwellings can be built on site and, having juggled the idea of ​​allowing even larger constructions, the council decided to back down.

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Ms. Hamm, however, said that discussions between the City of Magog and the proponent involved in the case will continue. She anticipates that a revised proposal will be presented to the Magogois next fall.

Representing the citizens of the sector of the street Bruant-des-Marais, the councilman Bertrand Bilodeau maintained Monday that the citizens who mobilized to counter the project did well. “It’s okay what people did,” he said.

Remember that dozens of people living in the area of ​​rue Bruant-des-Marais participated in a public consultation about the proponent’s proposal last week.

Without their intervention, the City of Magog would no doubt have authorized the construction of two new 18-unit buildings and a third one of 12 units within the area concerned.

“We did not want these big blocks, says Jacques Bernier, a citizen who participated in the mobilization. We want the buildings in this area not to exceed eight dwellings. We are relieved to a certain extent of the decision of the City. But we will mobilize again if we see that the City has forgotten our demands in a few months. ”


Furthermore, after two refusals, Estridev will finally be able to move forward with its project to modernize the Ultramar service station at the corner of Principale Ouest and Saint-Patrice Ouest streets in Magog.

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City Council members unanimously accepted Estridev’s latest proposal. The company has permission to build a gas station with four gas pumps and restaurant. On the other hand, no service to the car can be created on the spot, contrary to what the promoter asked for.

“I find it extraordinary that we were unanimous tonight (Monday night) on a project twice refused by the city council in the past. We compromised and listened to people. I now hope that the promoter will be able to work with the tags that are placed, “commented Vicki-May Hamm.

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