Main news of August 19: the details of the negotiations between Putin and Merkel, the series of terrible accidents in Ukraine – 24 Channel

Головні новини 19 серпня: деталі переговорів Путіна з Меркель, серія страшних ДТП в Україні - 24 Канал

It became known, talked about what the leaders of Germany and Russia, Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin. In the Lviv region, in the Amounts and in the Kharkiv region has been a series of terrible accidents in which people died. Ukrainian footballer Vitaliy Fedoriv caught in a scandal because of the alleged disrespect of the Russian flag. These were the top stories on August 19 in Ukraine and the world.

What Putin talked with Merkel

Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel 18 Aug held talks in Berlin, but only now became known the exact topic of their conversation. It is known that the negotiations took place behind closed doors and without interpreters.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that Putin and Merkel exchanged views on the situation in Ukraine and expressed condolences due to the fact that there is a total thrashing of the process of implementation of the Minsk agreements.

Concern was expressed in connection with uncertain prospects of renewal of the law on the special status of Donbass, which is quite an important element of the Minsk agreements
– said Peskov.

Головні новини 19 серпня: деталі переговорів Путіна з Меркель, серія страшних ДТП в Україні - 24 Канал
Merkel met with Putin

He added that the parties also talked about prospects for gas transit through the territory of Ukraine”. According to the press-Secretary of Putin, the leaders of Russia and Germany “did not feel right trying to politicize the project “Northern stream – 2”. In addition, raised the issue of possible sanctions against companies involved in the implementation of the “Nord stream-2”.

As reported by the chief editor of “Echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov, Merkel invited Putin to enter the Donbass 30-40 thousand “blue helmets” (UN peacekeepers). The journalist said that Merkel may have proposed to create an international administration. However, it is unknown how truthful this information is because politicians said behind closed doors and without interpreters. No closing statements after the meeting.

In addition, the policy discussed Iran and Syria.

Crash in Ukraine

In the Lviv region near the city of Zolochiv faced passenger car and tourist bus service Kherson – Warsaw. As a result of collision the bus moved down in a ditch. The accident injured one of the passengers of the bus and the passenger of the Mercedes.

As noted in the police, 34-year-old resident of Zolochiv was in a state of intoxication and has not coped with management, resulting in collided with a bus, which was traveling in the same direction. After hitting the bus in which there were 44 passengers and the driver, drove into a ditch.

39-the summer passenger of a passenger car in a serious condition hospitalized in hospital, and we also know that one of the passengers of the bus was diagnosed with a bruised leg.

In addition, on 19 August in Sumy Audi drove into a police Prius, causing the last car rejected on the sidewalk. The crash injured 5 people, among whom was a police patrol. Her rescuers are actually cut from mangled car service.

Patrol were responding to a call, they included special sound signals and flashing beacons. After the collision of two cars the official car dropped to the sidewalk, where there were passers-by, happened to run over pedestrians,
– said the press-Secretary of police.

Watch video 18+ from the scene of the accident in Sumy:

Another accident occurred on the Kharkiv region near the village of sandy Volchansk district. It killed three people. One of the participants of the accident was the car of the odious chief architect of Kiev Sergey chechelnitskaya.

So, on the highway Kharkov – Volchansk has faced the car “VAZ” and a Lexus. The blow was so strong that 77-year-old driver and 63-year-old passenger of “Zhiguli” from traumatized died on the spot. Another 74-year-old passenger of the car died on the way to the hospital.

The police reported that 64-year-old driver of the Lexus received a thorax bruise, his condition doctors estimate as satisfactory. This man is Sergei Chechelnitsky, who is the chief architect of Kharkov and Advisor to the mayor of the city.

The scandal with the football player

Before the match of the 7th round of the first division of the championship of Russia in Sochi, Ukrainian defender “Nizhny Novgorod” Vitaliy Fedoriv turned away from the Russian flag during the anthem of the Russian Federation. Athlete he stood up straight and calmly when the rest of the players returned to the side of the Russian flag. Note that all the players had his hands behind and none of them put their hand on their heart.

At this point, immediately responsive in Russia. So, sports commentator Vasily Utkin said about the requirement to fine Feodra.

After the match on the website of the football club released a review Fedoriva. The footballer said that his actions had no political background and he was focused on prayer. However, the Russian journalists this explanation was not enough, so they asked for comment head coach of “Nizhny Novgorod” Dmitry Cheryshev.

“You heard the position of the player that you want from me then? You fried cock has pecked here and look for stuff,” the sharply reacted Cheryshev.

Tourists stuck at the train station in Lviv

On the night of 19 August, a group of tourists was travelling from Ivano-Frankivsk go home with a stopover in Lvov. But the train with which they traveled, arrived in Lviv late more than two hours. People do not have time for another train that has already purchased the tickets. However, their adventure is not over.

According to the Deputy of the Lviv city Council, Igor Zinkevich, the administration of the station refused to exchange the tickets for the train on which people do not have time, or return the funds. According to the administration of the station, the train with tourists late is not their fault.

Then tourists in the middle of the space station laid out a tent city and made posters with the appropriate charges against the “Railways”. However, the company responded promptly, should be immediately reported on its website, and passengers are provided seats in other carriages.

In “Ukrzaliznytsia” assured that the case of late trains thoroughly investigated.


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