Makar Pasenyuk has summed up the results of ICU management of assets in 2018

Макар Пасенюк подвел итоги работы ICU по управлению активами в 2018 году

Makar Pasenyuk, a managing partner at ICU, summed up the results of 2018 the work of the group on the Ukrainian market of asset management. Assets of investment and pension funds under the management of ICU in Ukraine grew by 14% to 3.5 billion UAH. The size and profitability of these funds are still among the highest in the Ukrainian market.

“With the acquisition of companies “Troika Dialog Ukraine” and “UkrSib capital Management”, we completed the consolidation of business assets management in Ukraine. The activities in the field of private pension provision, we have allocated a separate division on the basis of the “Troika Dialog Ukraine”, which last year was renamed UPINVEST,” commented Makar Pasenyuk, a managing partner at ICU.

Makar Pasenyuk also noted that last year the investment company ICU has launched a new funds specializing in distressed assets and venture business, the main for ICU at the local market is still the public funds.

Bond Fund under the management of the investment company ICU – the largest in its segment in the market, the Fund’s assets amount to UAH 193.1 million, the yield for the previous year – 15.22%.

Pension assets under management ICU increased by 15% to 467 million UAH, the number of participants NPF exceeded 117 thousand people, and the return on assets for the third consecutive year ahead of inflation.

In addition, NPF “Ukreximbank” showed the highest profitability among the largest (with assets over UAH 10 million) of the Ukrainian NPF all types (open, corporate, professional). The yield of the Fund was 13.87%, the assets increased by 18% to 238 million.

The three leaders in profitability among the largest open-end funds entered NPF “Dynasty” under the management of ICU – in the first place with a yield of 11.95% and assets of 65 million UAH, and NPF “Emerit-Ukraine” is in third place with a yield of 11.24% and assets of 162 million UAH.

“These results we have achieved through efficient management, expanding the range of own funds and receive in the management of NPF “Mutual” belonging GK “League”. The next step in business development is the expansion of the list of investment solutions and new services for customers and regional expansion”, – said Grigory Ovcharenko, managing local assets ICU.

The ICU group – independent financial group, offering brokerage services, asset management and private equity. Group specializiruetsya on the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

Founded in 2006 by experts from ING, the ICU group is a leader in asset management in Ukraine. It manages assets of more than $ 500 million dollars.

The owner of the company is its top management. Managing partners of ICU – Makar Pasenyuk and Konstantin Stetsenko.

Макар Пасенюк подвел итоги работы ICU по управлению активами в 2018 году