“Make a noise and you surf, extend your thighs”: the Cords laughed Volochkova

«Зашумит и вам прибой, раздвигайте ляжки»: Шнуров посмеялся над Волочковой

The leader of the Russian group “Leningrad” made fun of the ballerina Anastasia Volochkova. As reported Newsmir.info on his page in Instagram Sergey Shnurov has dedicated a new poem Volochkova. In particular, the musician jokingly commented on love ballerinas to be photographed, sitting on the twine.

“Who is talent rich. Well, why is that? Everywhere do the splits.. Volochkova. Make a noise and you surf. Throw thoughts serious. In any situation, expand thighs,” writes Cord. He also noted that Volochkova successfully uses such postures, as they allow her to collect thousands of likes in social networks. However, this is still an incomplete poem. Further Cords frankly potrollit Volochkova. “On the face, – mersi Baku, the ribbon on the pussy. You will flow a river of likes and subscriptions,” added Cords. Users actively comment on his post.

“Well, actually, in Instagram she has the right to charge what she wants, and if it is signed – it is her personal space,” “the rhyming for a poet, there are no fundamental difficulties if the Cords do… ballet, that would deprive Nastasia all possibilities”, Not “all this nudity show.. So they are kinda the same stars, not everyone in porn is to participate,” say users.