Make some noise in the “day of silence” clip “liar” is gaining views in social networks (video)

Пошуметь в "день тишины" - клип "балабол" набирает просмотры в соцсети (видео)

Video, warn the authors, is purely humorous in nature.

Local band “> Pamvo Chenapan” introduced its latest video.

– Friends, today is the “day of silence”, and that means it’s a good time to make some noise! Forgive us Enrique Iglesias! But his song has inspired us to create this Saga of careless “servant of the people.” I know that Facebook is rather politicized, but just want to warn! This is not an attempt to mow all under one comb! We do not deny the presence of decent, honest people in the ranks of the deputies. But this work is dedicated to the antagonists! We just gave vent to stereotypical thinking! Although why do I even bother? All good mood!, – wrote on his page on FB one of the authors of the video Oleg Yakubina.

To evaluate the efforts of the team “> Pamvo Chenapan” right now.