Maksym Ivanchuk: Plastic surgeon is a calling

Максим Иванчук: Пластический хирург - это призвание

About what plastic surgery, every Ukrainian knows. If 10 years ago about this area of medicine in the country did not know practically nothing, today it has grown to enormous proportions and surely keeps up with its foreign competitors. How to be a plastic surgeon, and what responsibility lies on the shoulders of professionals, said Maksym Ivanchuk – founder of the clinic IVANCHUK.

“Plastic surgery is a unique field of medicine. It combines not only the opportunity to correct serious defects in appearance, but also to solve the aesthetic problems that prevent people from living happily and feel full members of society,” – said Dr. Maksym Ivanchuk.

Ivanchuk Maksim Sergeevich managed to establish itself as a true professional in the world of plastic surgery. He is considered one of the most progressive surgeons, because he is not afraid to implement new technologies and to learn from the experience of foreign experts. Positive feedback Maksym Ivanchuk talking about the fact that today he ranks among the “top best”, largely due to his innovative techniques, which he actively uses in the Ukrainian and foreign customers.

Maksym Ivanchuk is about goals and achievements

“My goal is the perfect result of any operation: from the banal lip augmentation by injection to a full closed rhinoplasty with correction of the nasal septum. For a real plastic surgeon aesthetic problem of the patient becomes a kind of challenge, a call to action that must result in a beautiful appearance and a delight in the eyes of the customer,” shared plastic surgeon Ivanchuk.

The doctor believes that to become a professional in this field may not everyone. According to him, sometimes plastic surgeons are calling for. Some people take years to learn to operate and design the perfect body shape, but in the end leave the scope of activities knowing that she can not afford them. Maksym Ivanchuk for this reason their own point of view.

“Already as a teenager I knew what profession you’re going to tie their future. I always understood that people can’t be born perfect – sometimes genetics and bad lifestyle can play them a bad joke. But who said it couldn’t be fixed? Do not have to put up with its shortcomings. The main thing – to find the hands of the right master who can fix the problem your whole life in just a few hours on the operating table.”

Plastic surgeon on their approach to the clients

The doctor always tries to find an approach to each client. In his work it is very important take a professional approach to solving problems and to conduct many consultations with clients in advance to determine what should be the ideal result. Plastic surgeon Maksym Ivanchuk is of the opinion that there are no bad patients, just that sometimes they don’t fully understand what you want to see after surgery. For this and need the advice of a true master, who sometimes even acts as a personal psychologist.

“I love my job. It brings me real pleasure when I see the joy in the eyes of their customers. Sometimes even the most simple plastic surgery can change a person’s life. Such cases become for me a good push to move forward and develop their own skills and make people really happy,” he shared finally, Maksym Ivanchuk.