Malakhov again coated Mat after the scandal with Ephraim

Малахова снова покрыли матом после скандала с Ефремовым

The TV presenter was accused of lying and the PR on someone else’s private life.

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Andrey Malakhov once again criticized by Russian stars. Leading “Live” cursed obscenities after a controversial accident with Mikhail Efremov. The post appeared in social networks Maxim Vitorgan.

The famous actor has published in Instagram-stories, the poem that was written by Vadim Zhuk on June 10, the day after the broadcast the presenter with the family of the deceased driver in road accident. In the novel Malakhov called a “hot bitch” and “fighting hyena” television, which appeared “among *** (scoundrels – Approx. ed.) of the major scale”.

The author of the poem hints: a TV reporter willing to lie for the sake of sensationalism in order to “satisfy the craving” of the audience to someone else’s personal life. So, says the beetle, those who look scandalous esters Malakhov, will sleep, because all these horrors didn’t happen to them.

In the accident, which hit Mikhail Efremov in the night from 8 to 9 June, a man died. The next day in the “Live” Andrey Malakhov discussed the incident with the family of the driver.

This act journalists angered the daughter of Ephraim Anna-Maria. The girl swore at Malakhov, who, she said, indirectly accused her of the incident.