“Malodorous” lady: trail of tram history in Kamenskoye

"Дурнопахнущая" старушка: по следам трамвайной истории в Каменском

A few days ago in social networks there was video as the driver of the tram in Kamenka, Dnipropetrovsk region, with the support of the passengers, was thrown out of the salon elderly woman. The video was immediately picked up by regional and even Metropolitan sites. Opinions are divided – most supported driver, the minority – grandma writes “by the Way+”.

The old woman had to be removed from the cabin due to a sharp unpleasant odor that came from her unwashed body. After the video with the introduction of the Granny hit the Internet, the management of KP “Tram” conducted an internal investigation, yesterday there was an official comment of management of the enterprise.

The conflict situation in which the driver and passengers put grandma on the tram, still not haunted by many caring people. And it all happened due to the fact that the tram went grandma, which stank so much that being near her was impossible. The most fastidious passengers huddled together to avoid the stench. The driver and all passengers practically kicked her out of the cabin. However, only a few young people stood up for her. They filmed the whole process on video and went out together with tram.

What will the tram driver?

“In this situation, appointed an official investigation. The driver name is Andrew Maltsev, he is a great worker. Our company employs their family dynasty – her mother, father, he and his wife. Never had any complaints. Andrew said that at that time he was approached by the passengers with a request to influence the situation”, – said Vitaly Chernyavsky, Director of the KP “Tram”.

To see where he is approached, he realized that being near her was simply impossible. Around there was a bad smell.

Old local celebrity, she is known to many residents. For years she’s begging, smells bad and is wandering. Not once she was driving in the tram, which was led by Andrew. Passengers said the woman repeatedly “went under” in the chair, and when I got up and went behind her stretched the “trace”.

As it turned out, the woman lives with her daughter in the private sector. Faith has a difficult diagnosis, it is registered in the local psychiatric hospital. The daughter left her home, but she’s done terrible beat ware, Windows, shouting on the street, beat her, bullied. Moreover, leads system by writing the hobo way of life, to affect the daughter’s mother can not.

By the way, one of the daughters of Faith works in the tram depot, she’s a great worker. “Neither tears, nor entreaties, nor the requests to the mother do not apply. She does what she wants to wander, not to clean. Grab her with force and wash is just not realistic. In protest she leaves the house, begging and spends on drink money.”

Now Faith still dirty and ragged wanders. The administration of KP “Tram” and his written statement to social services and psychiatric hospital with a request to take a woman on compulsory treatment.

In KP “Tram” prescribed and procedures for drivers and conductors. If he comes to the salon a person of Faith, to call social services or the police,” the statement reads.

photo: the Facts