Maluska mounted a RAID on the prison in Berdichev

Малюська нагрянул с проверкой в тюрьму в Бердичеве

The main claim of the Minister – to low-quality food, which, at the same time, millions are spent from the state budget.

The Minister of justice Denis Malyuska had another test without warning. This time the Minister appeared suddenly in a colony №70 in Berdichev. He told about it on his page on Facebook on February 2.

“Overall impression: unlike jail, prison and detention centres can earn money from economic activity, but because of their status and level of prisoners is significantly better. At the farm colony: chickens, quails and even nutria,” – said Maluska.

He noted that he checked the Internet access and browsing history in the browser: to social media or porn access no.

“The key issue is food. On food budget spends millions hryvnia, and its quality, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired. And many avoid and eat her”, – wrote the Minister.

Conditions of stay “lifers” OK, they have the opportunity to work and nice to knit (socks photos posted), the Minister summed up.

Last week Maluska visited the prison in Odessa. According to him, there as in the other prison, there are many people, the meaning for which he does not see.

He considers it appropriate to submit a bill that will “filter out from prison those whose stay is inappropriate.”

The Minister also said that the conditions of detention and the building itself “to put it mildly, I wish you the best.” Conditions for employees are not much better conditions for prisoners, said Maluska.

He also said that he understands the ban on the use of gaming consoles in the institution.

Earlier it became known that Maluska wants to sell the Ukrainian prison in the account of the Ministry of justice because of their uselessness.