Maluska: Police need to be trusted to carry out orders

Малюська: Полиции нужно доверять, приказы выполнять

The police should be trusted, said the Minister of justice of Ukraine Denis Malyuska “24 channel” in an interview that was published on July 17.

The journalist asked the head of Ministry of justice, what to say to children – are protected by the police or “kills”.

“What to explain to children concerning hammer? It’s a construction tool. If they kill someone? Can be both. Just the chances that a hammer or an axe is a weapon and kill somebody, much less than what they are used for basic purpose. With the police the same thing: she needs to trust, you need to listen to the orders should be refused, the law violate is not necessary,” he said.

The Minister stressed that it is necessary to remember about possible system failures in the same way “as it can happen to an axe or a hammer.”

Maluska noted that his father worked in the police.

He also spoke about the “absolutely normal relations” with all Ministers, including interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov.

Avakov and Maluska kept their Ministerial positions when changing the composition of the Ukrainian government on 4 March 2020.

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