Maluska: Preparing lawsuits against Russia. Guarantees that we will win, no

Малюська: Готовим иски против РФ. Гарантий, что выиграем, нет

04.02.2020, 06:39


The Minister of justice explained: the court is always a matter of probabilities, but no guarantees

Ukraine has filed against Russia in five cases, however, the Minister of justice Denis Malyuska cannot guarantee a positive outcome of the proceedings. The head of the Ministry of justice said in an interview with the Commander in chief.

According to him, five cases are now at the stage of determining jurisdiction, the court decides part of the case to its competence or not.

Maluska stresses that Ukraine’s chances are good, complaints about the quality of the suits there – they were preparing vmese with qualified foreign lawyers. However, to ensure a successful outcome is still not as “a legal dispute in court is always a matter of probability”.

“It (the probability of winning, – ed.) may be greater or lesser, but never say about the warranty. So I can’t say that we can guarantee that these courts will win. Their performance was justified, the odds are quite high to try,” explained the Minister.

Maluska added that litigation in international courts always last for years and can easily this process impossible. Now Ukraine is trying to obtain legal assistance from abroad, and thinking about validity and ability one or two claims.

  • On 29 January, the Prosecutor of Crimea Igor Ponochevny reported that the international criminal court in the Hague may this year to launch an investigation into the events that occurred during the occupation of Crimea by Russia.