Maluska told how much Ukraine earned on paid cameras at the jail

Малюська рассказал, сколько Украина заработала на платных камерах в СИЗО

From lease of toll cameras in detention centres, Ukraine received 115.5 thousand UAH. On 13 June reported in Facebook the Minister of justice Denis Malyuska, summing up the work of his Department in the last 100 days.

“We launched pay cameras in detention centres. This is only a small brick in a huge prison reform, which I talked a lot. But it gives results. As payment we have already received 115.5 thousand UAH of additional funds with which we begin the repair free camera”, – he wrote.

At the moment the project for the operation of the toll cameras in Ukraine joined 10 jail.

8 may pay the cameras began to offer in the Kyiv SIZO, may 19 – in the Lviv detention center, may 25 – in the Chernigov prison on 31 may in the detention center of Zaporozhye, Volnyansk district, Zaporizhia region and the city of Dnepr, in June in Kharkiv, Poltava, Sumy and Starobelsk SIZO.

A pilot project for the opening of the toll cameras will run until 31 December 2021. At the end of the project the Ministry will decide whether to impose this on a regular basis.