Malvina from “the adventures of Pinocchio” has 51: it looks like the actress is now

Мальвине из «Приключения Буратино» уже 51: так выглядит актриса сейчас

We all remember the beautiful Malvina from the beloved children’s tale “adventures of Buratino”. She had bright eyes, a doll’s appearance and, of course, blue hair.

Actress Tatyana Protsenko has perfectly played its role, although she was then only seven years old. The girl promised a brilliant career, but it is still nowhere more so did not show himself.

Let’s look at why it happened, and what is now engaged in the former Malvina.

Tanya was born 8 April 1968 in the capital. In the film she came by chance, never planned to tie his life with her. All has occurred is banal: during a trip in the train she drew the attention of the assistant Director of the film of Pinocchio, and then invited to audition. They were incredibly complex, includes a number of stages. The role claimed by many girls, but preference is given exactly Protsenko.

By the way, in the process of filming was something quite funny. The girl just was in that age when there is a change of teeth, so she dropped a few. Because of this, the work was almost derailed. To return beautiful appearance Malvina helped dentist.

The film “the adventures of Pinocchio” was released in 1975. Tanya noticed many famous Directors, so she got lots of offers on cooperation. She could build a great career, but broke in an accident. The little girl fell off her bike, she was diagnosed with a concussion, so neither of which work could not be considered. And in fact it could play little Red riding hood in the same film. Not everyone knows, but Inna Vetkina made a script specifically for Tanya. But, in the end, little Red riding hood played Yana Poplavskaya.

In the future, Rolan Bykov invited Tatiana to the role in the film “Scarecrow”. But she refused and then admitted that even she didn’t know why it came to this decision. Perhaps she was in doubt whether to take a beauty class, maybe just didn’t want to show negative character. She remembers she broke down and cried, after hearing such a proposal. There is a view that she didn’t like the acting job.

As with the movie the girl did not go, she decided to try his hand at another business. After school, she joined the film Institute in cinematography Department. Buddies group immediately found out that they learn the former Malvina. For unknown reasons, Tania began to persecute other students, spreading gossip about her and discussing her only role was saying that he played badly and naively, and the role was simple and boring. Tanya was very vulnerable, so worried such statements about themselves seriously. She often cried and came to school with red and puffy eyes.

She soon married and gave birth to a daughter who was named Anna. Alas, this marriage was short-lived. The former actress said that the breakup is caused by the lifestyle of her husband, who chose friends instead of family. He probably just wasn’t ready to get married. Naterpevshis from the husband’s many infidelities, Protsenko just Packed her things and left him.

After that she wanted to start a new life and found another job – editor at the publishing house. There she met her second husband, Alexey Voytyuk. It is known that he once starred in the movie – played Ivan in the painting “After rain on Thursday”. In the time period the movies were filmed, the work was not offered, so Alex leaned in journalists.

In 2004, the couple had a son, Vladimir. Anna, by the way, Voytyuk adopted as his own. She also treats him well.

Tatyana Protsenko in the field of cinema never to return. She worked in various positions, was involved in editing, design layouts and even computer graphics. Now she’s left work and started a family. She likes to write poetry, she even published a private collection. To write she does it very well.

Мальвине из «Приключения Буратино» уже 51: так выглядит актриса сейчас

Мальвине из «Приключения Буратино» уже 51: так выглядит актриса сейчас