Mama’s flower: Denis Malyuska “overworked” and needs urgent medical care. PHOTO

Маменькин цветочек: Денис Малюська "перетрудился" и срочно нуждается в медпомощи. ФОТО

Minister of justice Dennis Maluski surprised the Ukrainians unexpected images

Reports, another portion of the original photo he posted on his page in Facebook.

“On Saturday on the road. Check now someone without notice.”, the official said in the post.

The footage the Minister appeared Flirty smiling in the middle of a field with flowers poppies and behind the ears.

Do not forget the officials and take care of your physical form.

This collage of Ukrainians are not much liked, and the Minister got in the comments.

“God, when it’s all over”, “to live Well and enjoy and work to take as a business”, “Ukrainian Jim Carrey at the minimum salary)))”, “Oh right, breathe in the fresh air may come to mind – that the laws for human beings is much more important than the laws of a handful of oligarchs!”, “It’s really the Minister? Who appointed him? Are you serious?”, – wrote online.