Man brutally beat a woman and baby

Мужчина жестоко избил женщину и младенца

In Exactly happened the terrible incident: 23-year-old man beat his wife and 6-month-old baby. About the terrible incident reported in his Facebook family Counsellor Liana Dynowska, reports BAGNET.

Liana Dimovska told me that she called the police rapid response team “Polina” and said that the woman was beaten 25 years, and also hit the child is 6 months.

“The offender ran off in hiding, he’s 23. The statement in law enforcement agencies written. In 4 years of living together home hangman crippled his wife. Today the examination at the hospital showed not only the concussion, but the problem with the facial nerve. The rapist not the first hit his wife in the face and head, beat her and pregnant, got admindatabase – fine. The monster took away the means to care for a child”, – she wrote on the social network.