Man killed near own car

Мужчина погиб возле собственного авто

In Nizhyn Chernihiv region 53-year-old man detonated near his vehicle.

“Near one cafe, closer to the garage, the man was near his car, where last night the explosion occurred. What exploded, establishes a consequence. The corpse of a man, the police found near the car.”

Man who died in 1967 worked for 10 years as a driver in Nizhyn tirade. Chairman rayrady Oleg Bosun said: “Previously known that a man approached his car, maybe there is something repaired and there detonated an explosive subject. What, exactly, is still unknown. I think it was an accident”.

Night on the street Bohun in Nizhyn worked as investigators and experts. Police opened criminal proceedings under article 115, part 1 – murder.