Man of Medan: features new games and the first reviews from critics

Man of Medan: особенности новой игры и первые отзывы критиков

Tomorrow, August 30, gamers will have the opportunity to evaluate a new project from the creators of Until Dawn – The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan. However, critics of the industry have appreciated the game and the rating was not very encouraging.

The start of a new series of games were not so impressive: the average rating of the product on the aggregators stood at around 70-71 score. This is about 8 points lower than in Until Dawn, according to “Gambling”.

Critical acclaim. Many publications agree that promising start Man of Medan to the middle rolls in the additional materials that are designed to increase the total duration of the plot. Among the other cons listed:

• textures that are loaded in the eyes;

• not always stable frame rate;

• General problems with the pace of the narrative;

• weak final;

• loss of “oomph” Until Dawn.

The story and screenplay. However, regarding the plot and script thoughts still differ: some even at low estimates scenario calls for at least average, someone with a higher – low. It might be advertised of branching and multiple paths of development history.

A launch trailer for The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan watch the video

Gameplay. But all praised almost unanimously, is co-op mode for two, when both players are actively involved in the development of the history controlling two characters at the same time.

According to critics, this is a really interesting gameplay feature that allows you to not only have fun but also to get an unusual experience when the development of the plot is affected by someone completely beyond the control of the user.

Apparently, pass Man of Medan in the co-op, otherwise there is a chance to just mediocre “clone” Until Dawn – all the key ideas of the new items revealed at the game with a friend.

Release date. Note, the game is scheduled for August 30 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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