Man who beat wife in front of her child, the court sentenced to public works

Мужчину, который избил жену на глазах ее ребенка, суд приговорил к общественным работам

The accused pleaded not feels and insisted in court that the woman was struck on the wall

Last week, the Factory district court of Nikolaev made the case about a family quarrel, which ended in a beating.

It is established that in may 2018 the accused and his wife were visiting. There they argued and the woman returned home early. When the husband returned, she first would not let him into the apartment as he saw that he was very angry and this is not gonna end. When I finally opened the door for him, she tried to leave the house to call the police. But it was not there.

The man grabbed her hair, threw on the door jamb, and when she slid down the wall, struck two blows to the head. Then gathered my things and left.

All this drama happened in front of the woman’s baby. In court he confirmed that that night my stepfather came home drunk, screamed, broke everything, beat the mother.

But accused presented in court a different version of events. He confirmed that his wife would not let him home until the hour of the night he was forced to sit on the bench under the porch. What really pissed him off. And beat her he was not going, and just wanted to return home. And fell on the door jamb itself.

At the conclusion of Factory regional Department of “probation Centre” in the Nikolaev area, the defendant is not a danger to society. In addition, the court has considered its positive characteristics.

Therefore, sentenced under article “Deliberate slight injury” and has appointed punishment in the form of 200 hours of community service.