Manager Chisora wants to organize a fight with Usyk for the WBO title

Менеджер Чисоры хочет организовать бой с Усиком за титул WBO

Manager Derek Chisora David Haye wants British met with Oleksandr Usyk. Haye said that he would seek to Chisora and the Tendril was found in fight for the WBO title.

Haye said in comments Boxing Scene that the team Moustache speaks with promoter Eddie Hinnom on the organization of fight with Cooroy.

Team Moustache communicates with Eddie Hinnom and tells him that interested in a fight with Cooroy. WBO will be in Congress in Tokyo, where I will lobby for the idea of this fight. WBO wants big fights, so they are interested in meeting the Tendril – Chisora,
said Haye.

David also believes that the WBO will make the belt vacant, although it owns the title Andy Ruiz, December 7, will hold a rematch with Anthony Jousha.

Usyk may be the third boxer in history of Boxing who became world champion in the first heavy weight and havewala. It could only Evander Holyfield and David hay

Only I and Holyfield became Champions in the heavy and superheavy weight. The tendril can be a third such fighter. So I would like to prevent it,
concluded Haye.

Chapter promotion company Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn said that the Mustache really wants to meet Derek Cooroy. Previously, Hearn also expressed his desire
to organize the fight against the Ukrainian Chisora in February 2020.

The last fights Chisora and Mustache

26 Oct Chisora at the end of 4 rounds won David price. Derek won the title of Intercontinental champion according to WBO and challenged the Mustache.

At the same time, the Tendril made its debut in the heavyweight division on October 14. In Chicago, Alexander defeated Cassa Witherspoon, who refused to continue the fight after the seventh round.

Alexander is the official Challenger to fight for the title of world champion under version WBO in superheavy weight.