Manager of the UOC urged not to panic but to trust God and help those in need

Управделами УПЦ призвал не паниковать, а довериться Богу и помочь нуждающимся

During a pandemic coronavirus, it is important to trust God and not to panic. As told reporters “FR s” in the Center of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, this was stated by managing Director of the UOC Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich).

He said this in an interview “Our”.

“We are now experiencing a special state in connection with the coronavirus Covid-19, which very often borders on panic. Believers must always remember that we are in God’s hands, should remember the words of our Savior: “fear Not little flock, and believe”, – said Metropolitan Anthony.

According to him, faith in God manifests itself not in abstract feelings, but through life situations and our attitude to those who need support.

“Faith in God is a trusting God, it is manifested through our lives, as we are not abstractly to God, not abstractly to other people, specifically in this moment when everyone is in need of special support, a smile, some kind words,” said the Bishop.

He also said that special assistance in that elderly and lonely people to bring store food or to go to the pharmacy to purchase medication.

The Bishop noted that in the period of the pandemic in the fashion industry, it is important to maintain composure and faith.

“Everything is in the hands of God, we must do what we can do, we have to protect ourselves from medical and sanitary points of view, but not to panic. Panic is a very bad assistant in solving any issue, any problem, especially such problems as now.”

Metropolitan Anthony advised all to do “with trust in God, with inner peace, and a desire to fight with their sins.”

Manager of the UOC called the faithful to prayer, and recalled that the purpose of human life – the Resurrection of Christ.

“We have to implement everything in our power and to live in repentance, in prayer, in an effort to clear himself, the desire to know what’s inside of us, and purify themselves, to become the Christ, because we all remember that the purpose of human life is the Resurrection of Christ, by which we must be attached. We must remember that the road to Gethsemane, to the Easter cave is always through Calvary. Each of us each of us has his own Cross, his own Calvary, and perhaps these current events is part of our Calvary,” – said Metropolitan Anthony.

Previously, “FR and” reported that all the monasteries of the UOC preparing for the reception of patients with coronavirus.