Manchester city ruthlessly defeated “Watford”, Zinchenko played 25 minutes

"Манчестер Сити" безжалостно разгромил "Уотфорд", Зинченко сыграл 25 минут

"Манчестер Сити" безжалостно разгромил "Уотфорд", Зинченко сыграл 25 минут

The “Watford” in the match 37 th round of the Premier League suffered a crushing defeat from “Manchester city” (0:4).

Wofford – Manchester City 0:4

Goals: Sterling 31, 41, 63 Foden, Laporte 67

The development of the game was completely over “citizens”. Possession of the ball three-quarters of the time, Bayern has made more than 20 shots on goal foster.

It resulted in four goals. In the first half, sterling was able to record a hat-trick. But they missed a penalty forced to limit the take. In the second half Foden and Aymeric Laporte made the score final.

Ukrainian defender “Manchester city” Alexander Zinchenko appeared on the field on 64 minutes. Nothing significant in the time allotted a player to be remembered did not.

  • Man city have scored 78 points and finish the championship in 2nd place. We will remind, the champion of the Premier League ahead of schedule became the “Liverpool”.

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