Manchester city two years removed from the Champions League for financial fraud

UEFA has suspended the English “Manchester city” from participation in European competitions by UEFA for two seasons.

Such a harsh punishment is associated with violation of the club rules of financial fair play. The British will not play in the main European tournament of the season 2020/21 and 2021/22. In addition, the club will be fined EUR 30 million.

The trial chamber body UEFA’s financial control over the clubs, having considered all the evidence, found that man city made serious violations of the rules of FFP. Also “citizens” misled UEFA and has not cooperated in the investigation.

Man city in a statement on the club’s official website announced that he will appeal the decision of the Trial chamber of the UEFA in the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne.

What is to blame for Manchester city?

In may last year, the Investigative chamber of UEFA on financial monitoring of clubs announced the failure of “citizens” rules for the registration of players and financial fair play.

The reason for the investigation UEFA Football steel materials Leaks, which at the end of the 2018 published secret internal documents to man city, which said about the machinations to get around financial fair play.

Football Leaks cited documents, which contain information, in particular, that “the city” 2012 worked in “the scheme” with which the club copied the expenses of the club for the outsourcing to other companies, hiding information from the auditors of UEFA.

In total, according to the German magazine Der Spiegel, “Manchester city” in 2014 broke the rules of financial fair play to 188 million euros (167 million pounds).

Similar situation with AC Milan this season

In July 2019 the Italian “Milan” was eliminated from the Europa League of season 2019/20. The Rossoneri punished in connection with the violation of rules of financial fair play. First, however, Milan were close to an agreement with UEFA over breach of FFP rules club.

In April of 2019, it was reported that “Milan” has not fulfilled the requirement to UEFA about break even for the monitoring period covering the reporting periods of the 2016, 2017 and 2018. Previously Milan had already been suspended from European competition due to the violation of the principle of financial fair play in June 2018, but the Italian club have appealed the UEFA decision to the CAS and won the right to play in the current season in the Europa League, and UEFA sent the case for retrial .

Financial fair playwas introduced in 2011, with former UEFA President Michel Platini. Under this rule, clubs that in the first three years exceed the spending limit of 30 million euros, penalized by the organization. First on the team imposed financial penalties that can reach up to exclusion from European competitions. Thus, UEFA decided to fight the excessive spending of clubs, and therefore their possible bankruptcies.