Manfred Weber begins election campaign

Манфред Вебер начинает предвыборную кампанию

Oskaronosny moment for the rising star of European politics. Manfred Weber became the single candidate from the European people’s party for the presidency of the European Commission, easily beating his rival, former Prime Minister of Finland Alexander Stubb.

The candidacy of the Bavarian policy was supported by the “heavyweights” of the right, including Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In his victory speech Weber said the focus on unity.

The election campaign starts here in Helsinki. We’re going in the right direction. We have something to offer people. We have created a stable Europe, which at the moment is very strong under the leadership of Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk and Tajani. Dear colleagues, we build bridges. We think to build one of them between the people and the European Union. You want to see a democratic Europe, and we want to see her ambitious. And this is our vector of European policy. That is why in the final I want to say – let’s not replaceem energy. Let’s go back and tell our fellow citizens that we have a great idea for our future on this continent, “said Weber.

Ahead of Weber for a long way and bumpy ride to the head of the European Union. First of all, he will have to face opposition in Europe. The future head of the European Commission, who wouldn’t in may 2019, will have to look for the solution of acute problems, such as migration and the rise of populism. And he expected talks with Britain concerning trade relations after the “breccia”

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