Manfred Weber: the success formula

Манфред Вебер: формула успеха

The German politician Manfred Weber became the single candidate for the presidency of the European Commission from the conservative European people’s party (EPP). The formula of success Weber has shared with euronews correspondent Darren McCaffrey.

Manfred Weber: “Yeah, my attempt to become a candidate was successful. At the party Congress in Helsinki I told the delegates that you are truly a Christian Democrat. I believe in the values of our party and movement. I want to bridge the gap – Europe needs to be United. I also said that we must adhere to democratic principles. This is the main tool that can connect Brussels with ordinary citizens of the EU.”

On the sidelines of the Congress, it was possible to hear opinion that the nomination of Weber – victory and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. “Your attitude will become more soft, because he supported You?” – asked the correspondent of euronews.

Manfred Weber: “Our target direction – the struggle for the rule of law, basic principles of the EU, was chosen with the support of a large number of my colleagues from the European people’s party. We voted for it. As for the relationship to fundamental values, it is the same as that of the party members, and those who use them is not. In the future I will demand strict compliance with these principles and laws. We must find a mechanism by which we can guarantee the Europeans that all the basic principles and values of the EU”.

Darren McCaffrey, euronews:

“The candidate of the European people’s party Manfred Weber has a real chance to head the Commission, if the bloc win the elections to the European Parliament. The nomination of Weber as a candidate called the victory of Orban. It is known that Weber did not publicly waged a tough debate with the Hungarian Prime Minister, who in turn advocated the candidacy of Weber. But in the future will behave like Weber against Orban, given the fact that the European Parliament has supported the introduction of a sanctions procedure against Hungary in connection with the violation of the Budapest rules and values of the EU.”

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