Maniac caught in a Kharkiv supermarket

Маньяка поймали в харьковском супермаркете

A year in prison and 800 hryvnias of a penalty. Such punishment was awarded to Kharkiv, which is in March 2019 robbed a supermarket in Sochi, reported in the Single court registry. The man saw that he was no one’s watching, and took from the shelves all that is wanted. Prey hid under the clothing and headed for the exit. However, the advantage of agrarianism the thief did not have time. The malefactor was detained by the guards of the supermarket. Under clothing, the offender hid the shaving gel, shampoo, a bag of candy, a pound of shrimp and 200 grams of Dutch cheese. Goods accumulated 500 hryvnia.

During the trial it was found out that the man has repeatedly been convicted of crimes on sexual soil. Over the last couple detained repented but it was too late. The next year a thief, a foodie will spend in prison.