“Manipulation or deception?”: The average earnings surprise of Muscovites, residents of the capital and irritates the provincials

«Манипуляция или обман?»: Средний заработок москвичей удивляет жителей столицы и раздражает провинциалов

Despite the full scientific validity of official statistics on the size of the labor income of Moscow residents over the past year, figures Mosgorstat has caused a mixed reaction.

The average earnings of Muscovites, voiced by statisticians, surprises the residents of the capital and irritates the provincials. The amount of the salary in 80 thousand 800 rubles per able-bodied Muscovite forced the workers themselves to ponder the question about the manipulation of public opinion or deception. The flow of comments on social networks was one view – statistics, as always “measure the average temperature in the hospital”. That is, the summed profits of the oligarchs and big businessmen, of which the capital of a great variety of jobs of workers, employees and “office plankton”. Then, we extracted the average. Users with indignation wrote that in the capital prices, their wages are not much more than in the province. For example, a plumber in SBI does not receive more than 20 thousand rubles, and a worker in the factory can claim to 40 thousand rubles of monthly income.

For comparison, commentators from the regions have called for the same amount, but have noticed that Muscovites or cry the Blues, or have a huge side income from the rental of the apartments of the dead parents. According to analysts Mosgorstat, their calculations meet all regulatory requirements and are manufactured according to approved formulas. From here, you can once and for all to conclude that no statistics can replace life experience and personal in particular. By the way, the average salary in the Russian Federation amounted in the past year, 48 thousand 500 rubles.