Manufacturer of electric trucks Nikola received an order for 2500 trucks

Производитель электрических грузовиков Nikola получил заказ на 2500 мусоровозов

Founded in 2014 an American company Nikola Corporation is still perceived by many as the next startup without a solid Foundation or even a bubble. It is reasonable, as long as she has not started production of the long-promised electric trucks.

But now she has received a major order: the company Republic Services, the second largest provider of services for the collection, transfer, disposal and recycling of solid waste in the United States, intends to purchase Nikola 2500 electric garbage trucks.

The agreement specified that trucks must have a power reserve of 240 km (150 miles). Deliveries will begin in 2023, reports Automotive News. In the future, their volume can be increased up to 5000 machines.

In Republic Services noted that the electric trucks do not have a negative impact on the environment, produce less noise, and reduce maintenance costs.

After the publication of the agreement the shares of Nikola jumped 22% to $45. Now, the company’s capitalization is $17 billion Is more than the cost of Nissan Motor ($14.2 billion), and we are talking about the company, which has produced nothing.

It is noteworthy that in 2020 the American company Mack has already brought electric trucks on the road in new York. While we are talking about a test operation of multiple instances. In some American cities used electromyograms from the Chinese BYD.

In 2022 Nikola intends to start producing electric pick-up Badger with a power reserve of 960 km.