Many Britons still watch black-and-white TV: what is the reason – Techno 24

Багато британців досі дивляться чорно-білі телевізори: в чому причина - Техно 24

There are 7 thousand families in the UK still watch black-and-white TV. Almost 2 thousand families living in the capital, London.

This publication reports The Guardian.

Regular colour television in Britain began in 1967. Of course since then the number of black-and-white television sets in the country is declining: in 2000, they were used by 212 thousand families, and in 2003 – 93 thousand.

And not all Brits are abandoning black-and-white television. The fact that in the UK you need to buy a license to watch TV. The license for a colour TV costs 150 pounds a year. Thus for black and white TV license fee is several times lower: 50,50 pounds a year.


Moreover, the TV licensing is not checked at home, where watching black and white TV. So a lot of people can really avoid the fees.

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