Marchenko said that the Ukrainians have nothing to worry about, and resignation Smoliy will not affect the overall situation

Марченко заявил, что украинцам не о чем волноваться, а отставка Смолия не повлияет на общую ситуацию

He expressed confidence that exchange rate stability will soon calm down.

The dismissal of the NBU Governor Yakov Smoliy only temporarily shaken the economic situation in the country.

This opinion was expressed by the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Serhiy Marchenko aired public-political talk show “Right to rule” 1+1.

“We have everything in order. We have macroeconomic stability. We have carried out the budget. We have passed peak of crisis situation. We have a plan of income tax, for example, increased by 6 billion hryvnia. That is, we say that the scheme for VAT, which worked in the previous months, now not working. I am optimistic and look positively into the future. And today there are no bases to expect that change anyone, I emphasize in the Handbook, the government or any public institution may affect or undermine in some way the situation,” he said.

Marchenko said that the Ukrainians have nothing to worry about.

“And I believe that this day will end, everything calms down, exchange rate stability will calm down and everything will be alright. I don’t see any reason to panic and no reason for us to say that we have something wrong. We will do everything. At the moment the criticisms of the government on the part of our opponents – they are unfounded. No reason to doubt that we will Fund the deficit and fulfill the budget revenues will provide for the payment of salaries and pensions, no. I clearly guarantee,” concluded the Minister.

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