Margarita Pasha spoke sharply about the relationship with the participant from Russia

Crowned “Miss Ukraine 2019” said that among the participants of the beauty contest there is no conflicts and disputes, because it is they just don’t have the time. Margaret once again asked not to drag the international competition policy and noted that in the first place, the judges pay attention to the good intentions of the girls, and not on the dress or nationality.

20 Nov Margaret Pasha went to London, where preparations for the “Miss world 2019”. Kharkov quite often shares messages about the intricate rhythm of life on the social media pages and don’t forget to please fans behind-the-scenes photos. Beauty told reporters of the newspaper “Today” about the intricacies of communication with the participants.

The model, which fall into the scandal, did not comment on its relations with the Russian representative at the pageant 20-year-old Alina Sanko.

Margaret says that the origin of the participants at the “Miss world” is secondary, the judges focus on the charitable intentions of the girls.

My God! Why you again about politics? All is not as in your journalism world. In this situation, doesn’t matter – you’re Russian or American. We are all human beings! Moreover, we are representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, and to give the land peace, goodness and beauty. Especially because in this contest is the most important stage of the presentation of charity projects rather than dresses or something else
sharply said Marguerite Pasha told reporters.

According to “Miss Ukraine 2019” between the contestants welcoming atmosphere. And that any misunderstandings beauties decide immediately. After all, no one wants to tarnish the image of their country before the judges of “Miss world”.

For judges only matters what mission you came to this competition and how this world will become kinder and happier thanks to your victory,
– shared Margarita Pasha.

24-year-old Ukrainian also said that it is difficult to tolerate rises before sunrise, training and rehearsals, presentations of own projects. Lack of sleep affects the appearance of the participants, so often Margaret forgets about Breakfast, from the morning until late at night look amazing. Also, the beauty admits that she helps to overcome all the tests of its Spartan nature, shaped by rhythmic gymnastics.