Mariah Carey tried on a sexy bodysuit in new video: video 18+ – 24 Channel

Мерайя Кері приміряла сексапільне боді в новому кліпі: відео 18+ - 24 Канал

Singer Mariah Carey has presented a new video for the song “GTFO”. Probably the song, the artist released his former lover, billionaire James packer.

Pop singer Mariah Carey surprised fans with the song “GTFO”. All because the acronym that stands for “Get The F*ck Out,” contains an expletive. In addition, in the song the artist sings tenderly about a man who “crushed her heart with a bulldozer”.

In the network immediately suggested that “GTFO” is addressed to the ex-fiance Mariah Carey – billionaire James packer. Husband and star announced their engagement in January 2016, however, during the year, the rich man left the artist. The media was even rumored that Mariah has already purchased a wedding dress for the ceremony, so over it she was difficult.

So fans of Mariah Carey are convinced that the song is addressed to James Packer. To composition, the artiste released a video in which appeared before the audience in a sexy black bodysuit with lace. The actress revealed ample Breasts, and showed shapely legs.

Watch the video clip Mariah Carey “GTFO”:


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