Marian Swede overtook the father and close to the historical record “of the Carpathians”

Марьян Швед обогнал отца и близок к историческому рекорду "Карпат"

In the first round of the second stage of the Premier League “Karpaty” defeated Vorskla with the score 4:0. Two goals his team scored Marian Swede, thus bringing the number of League goals to 13.

There is little doubt that 21-year-old winger will be the best scorer of the Lviv team in this Premier League, says “Team 1”.

Karpaty held in “the tower” 26 seasons with 28 years, and during this period the main snipers they had 30. When it reached the title of best scoring total of 22 players. Several times the club race scorers won Andrew Pokladok (three times), Alexander Palyanitsa, Ivan Getsko, Vasyl Shved, William Rocha Batista and Lucas Perez (twice). Very close to this achievement, and Marjan, which has “surpassed” his father.

In the season 2001/02 in the “green-whites” had three main goalscorer – three players scored three goals. This is the scoring result for Karpaty in the Ukrainian League.

The highest rate was in the season 1998/99, when palianytsia and Gecko have scored 16 goals. However, the Swede, Jr., the strength to catch up with former stars of the Lviv club. By the way, last season he divided the palm with Jorge Carrascal – both attackers were six of the scoring.

As to the ratio of goals per game, only six times top scorer scored at least once in two games. Double this figure was reached palianytsia and Gecko, once – Pokladok. The Swede now scored in average of 0.61 goals per game. So the last nine rounds of the championship in Mariana has its own scoring goals.

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