“Mariupol” and “Chernomorets” broke the world: video

"Мариуполь" и "Черноморец" разошлись миром: видео

“Mariupol” in the home match against Chornomorets opened the 21st round of the Ukrainian Premier League. Of the teams resulted in a goalless draw.

Mariupol – Chernomorets 0:0

“Mariupol” before this match do not guarantee getting into the top 6, which will allow in the coming months to compete for the Europa League. Therefore, for the hosts the game was of fundamental importance. But almost deprived of tournament motivation “Chernomorets”. Odessa citizens are fighting for survival to the next season to play in the Premier League.

In the first half the more dangerous was it the sailors, however, the visitors lacked the finishing pass. For the entire first half, the sailors did not cause any impact on target “Mariupol”. The home team also distinguished extraordinary activity. In 45 minutes they managed to strike only one blow.

Mariupol – Chernomorets – a review of the first half

After a break advantage was it the charges of Oleksandr Babych. Valeriy Fedorchuk even managed to score a goal after a free kick from Zubkov. However, the referee signalled for offside. In the 78th minute “residents of Azov” came another dangerous moment. Pikhalyonok extremely dangerous executed free-kick, but the coach parried the blow.

Until the end of the match the team was unable to upset each other and broke the world.

Due to the draw result “Mariupol” scored 29 points and remains at # 5. However, the main persecutors “residents of Azov”, “Vorskla”, “Desna” and “lions” will play their matches later on and can get ahead “Mariupol”. “Chernomorets” with 16 points and is in 11th place and losing three points against Olimpik.

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