“Mariupol” opened the second round of the Ukrainian championship, beating Kolos: video

"Мариуполь" открыл второй круг чемпионата Украины, одолев "Колос": видео

On Saturday, October 26, began the second round of the championship of Ukraine. “Mariupol” took “spike” and avenge the defeat in the first round.

Mariupol – Ear 2:0

Goals: Kiryukhantsev, 39, Topalov, 86

Removal: Maksimenko, 90 (Spike)

Even the beginning

The first good moment in the game was won by the home team. On the 18 minute “residents of Azov” took advantage of the mistake of Jack frost. Mishnev came to a shock position and has punched. But the shot of Dmitry blocked two player “Spike”.

“Ears” was answered in 5 minutes. Orekhov was aiming at the far corner, striking a Curling shot. Paul hit the hand of Fedorchuk – the arbitrator had all bases to appoint a penalty. But Yuri Mozharovsky violations did not see angry guests.

For 39 minutes, the charges of Oleksandr Babych opened the scoring in the game, although the situation on the football field was controlled by the guests. Kiryukhantsev was robbed “Chernomorets” on the corner kick, ran a few yards and fired a low shot into the far – 1:0.

Kolos almost levelled in the last minute of the half. “Mariupol” from a missed goal saved Galchuk. First, Milko struck a one-touch from close range, but hit straight at the goalkeeper. On the rebound was Kiziltas, but Galchuk was on top.

Difficult to win

After the break, “farmers” continued to push that allowed the “Azov” to play on the counterattack. One of them almost resulted in a second goal. Churko barely missed from inside the penalty area after lumbago from the flank.

In the 78th minute already Kolos had a good opportunity to score. Kozhushko pushed his way through the right flank and the confluence gave the ball to Kostishin. Denis, who is the son of the head coach “Ear”, tried to LOB the goalkeeper, but failed. In a few minutes kiryukhantsev could put an end to the match. Igor picked up the ball on half of field of visitors and struck a shot from distance. Volynets has reflected blow.

He did not kiryukhantsev – managed Topalov. Dmitry took to the field on 70 minutes and managed to score a goal. Vakula made a great pass found Topalov in the area, and one from an acute angle managed to break past Volynets – 2:0.

In the 89th minute frost shot from a far distance. Galchuk was not going to miss and easily took the ball in his hands. At the end of the game “spike” remained in the minority. Maksimenko served a suspension after the game against Dynamo was removed in the 90th minute of the match. In stoppage time Tishchenko managed to close the canopy in the penalty area “Spike” the ball and like flew into the net. But the referee ruled out the goal.

Thus, “Mariupol” retaliated “Ear” for the defeat in the first round and climbed in the standings. “Residents of Azov” they pushed from the sixth position of the actual “ear”.

Mariupol– ear: a video review of the first half