“Mariupol” played draw with “AZ” in the Europa League thanks to the incredible saves Khudzhamov: video

"Мариуполь" сыграл вничью с "АЗ" в Лиге Европы благодаря невероятным сейвам Худжамова: видео

“Mariupol” in the match against “AZ Alkmaar” in the Europa League on Thursday, August 8, was about to lose with the devastating account. But reliable game of the goalkeeper Rustam Khudzhamov Azovtsev helped us not miss home.

Mariupol – AZ Alkmaar 0:0

The teams started very actively. “Mariupol” a few times went on the attack. But Tishchenko first time failed to control the ball and the second to strike.

But for 10 minutes Maxim Czech unsuccessfully threw the ball back in his own penalty area than almost took advantage of rivals. But a low cross along the goal line under the blow managed to break through, knocking the ball away for a corner.

It was dangerous, when on the 15th minute Thomas Ouwejan decided on a long shot. The ball just missed the upper corner of the goal. While Rustam Khudzhamov with my gaze held the ball. But he parried a dangerous shot Calvin Stings from the penalty line. The ball flew under the crossbar, and the goalkeeper in the high jump managed to fight him off.

His attack “Mariupol” carried inside the first half. The team managed to pass to reach the penalty area of the opponent. From the line hung Mishnev. But the pass was strong. So Gorbunov, who was shot in the end, didn’t know how to handle the ball. So he flew above the gate.

Bad attack came from “Mariupol” in the 35th minute. Pass on Vakula, which heel dropped him into Gorbunova who made the running on the flank. But the defender failed how should I dispose of. He came out not a strike, not a ball. But what a strike, that too is inaccurate, but as a pass – then one of the partners had to close.

For 40 minutes, “AZ” has received the right to a dangerous free kick. Punched Ouwejan. But the ball caught a player in the wall and flew past the post. It is unknown Khudzhamov saved the team, though, and reacted to the shot.

In a minute another counter-attack “AZ”, after which People headed the ball goalwards after a pass. But again by.

Khudzhamov saved “Mariupol” from a missed goal in the second half. And again a dangerous shot Stings. And this time the player was aiming in the corner. In the 62nd minute Boada scored a goal. But the referee disallowed it. In this attack, the striker played with his hand.

Takes two minutes – again moment, “AZ”. And again Augean decided on a long shot. And again Khudzhamov showed excellent response, moving the ball to the corner.

In the 74th minute of a command have exchanged attacks. Another attack “AZ” ended Khudzhamov saves. In response, the Azov army fired a tank. But hitting bottom became a problem for the goalkeeper.

After that, players the away side had a few opportunities. But every time “Mariupol” was saved by Khudzhamov.

But when “Mariupol” tried to go on the attack, the Tank could not pass the ball to the aggravation – it was intercepted.

Although in the last minutes of the meeting is “Mariupol” had several chances to score. But the blow Vakula lacked precision. Pass Kiryukhantsev blocked.

Video of the match Mariupol – AZ

In the end “dry” draw. “AZ” 18 shot on goal (7 on target). While the “Mariupol” – only four blows, one of which flew into the goal. But this draw leaves the chances of the Ukrainian team on the passage to the playoffs of qualification of League of Europe.