“Mariupol” sensationally played out a draw with Shakhtar: video

In the match between “Mariupol” and Donetsk “Shakhtar” on Sunday, December 1, was recorded some sensational results. Mariupol managed to play a draw against the League leaders.

Mariupol – Shakhtar 1:1

Goals: putrya, 49 Tyson, 15 (pen)

Shakhtar in this season only once lost points. It happened in the match against Oleksandriya, when the teams drew. A draw is the best result in “Mariupol” in the matches against Shakhtar. Azovtsev has not won a single match against rivals.

For this match “Mariupol” came the reserve team. All because leased Shakhtar players could not play in this game. Shakhtar also played a basis. But because of injuries. So I played Sickan (instead subsequently released Boryachuk).

Despite the clear favourite status, Shakhtar just missed the first. Pyatov was forced to play outside the penalty area with his head, playing the lead. Ahead was Polehenko who could score.

However, it Polehenko and brought a goal to his team. Linnet received a pass into the penalty area from Stepanenko and with one touch sent the ball past Polehenko. Player “Mariupol” hooked opponent, and the referee immediately awarded a penalty. It and realized Tyson, punched in a gate corner.

Video Gol taison

But the problem for “Mariupol” has not ended. Fomin, who so many games missed due to injury, got injured in the game with Shakhtar. In one episode, he faced Chocolatey and failed to continue. It was replaced by a young Vyskrebencev.

Despite the missed goal, “Mariupol” was not going to give up. But to pass defensive redoubts of the contender has not always succeeded. Shakhtar controlled the game. Therefore, the chance of the owners was with standard. Free-kick punched Gorbunov, and Pyatov parried this shot, but the ball hit the post.

Scored “Mariupol” in the second half. After all error protection Shakhtar Bolbat cleared the ball with his head but the one he took off and flew towards his own goal, and then hit the crossbar. Putrya was first on the rebound and sent the ball over the goal line.

Video goals Putri

After that Shakhtar rushed to score. Pressure on the gate Azovtsev increased. Had a chance to score a goal, but Eugene shot too just in a fast attack team.

The replacement came Solomon, who had the time, but got to Sikana. Subsequently, he Sickan could have scored, but missed the target after a corner kick.

“Mariupol” same game held on the counterattack. Moments arise, but realize their team failed. Although in the 86th minute the ball once again went in the gate of “miner”. But putrya, who scored was offside.

Shakhtar loses points but remains in first place. The gap from “Dynamo” is too large. But “Mariupol” thanks dialed to the point now remains among the contenders for top 6.