Mariupol – Shakhtar: all goals video, match review 7 Dec 2018

Маріуполь - Шахтар: відео голів, огляд матчу 7 грудня 2018

To open the final round of the world Cup in 2018 dropped a match in Mariupol, where the local eponymous team took the leader of the Donetsk “Shakhtar”. Surprises did not happen – the favorite won.

Mariupol – Shakhtar 0:3
Goals: Stepanenko, 62, Moraes, 64, Marlos, 70

Shakhtar have the first minutes seized the initiative and took the hosts ‘ goal in the siege. 7 shots on target, 56% possession in the first half. All to no avail. To go through a Packed defence, the Pitmen failed. In addition, securely in the gate “Mariupol” acted Rustam Khudzhamov.

Therefore, for the first time a critical event is the injury and Dentinho substitute appearance Marlos. The player of the national team returned to the field a month and a half absence. Subsequently, the return, he will celebrate a goal.

To score against Shakhtar managed in the second half. At what three goals flew into the gate of the home team with a difference in eight minutes. Another navala on gate “Mariupol”, and the ball bounced to Taras Stepanenko. The midfielder decided to punch in the fall by himself, and did it quite well – the ball flew into the far corner past the goalkeeper. Happened effectively, and efficiently. It should be noted that during this goal in the penalty “Mariupol” there were eight players of the Azov team.

And two minutes later the score became 0:2. Another attack, “Mariupol” bounces hard, and knock the ball away from own goal fail – Moraes passes the ball into the goal from a distance of less than one meter. It’s the 14th goal of the Brazilian in 17 games of the Premier League.

And that Moraes assisted a third goal in the match was scored by Marlos.


0:3 – “Shakhtar” wins “Mariupol” and remains in the top spot of the standings. It is the role of the winter champion, the Pitmen will go to the break. “Mariupol” after this defeat may be eliminated from the top 6.

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