Mariupol will purchase another 72 new trolley and the 64 bus

Мариуполь закупит еще 72 новых троллейбуса и 64 автобусы

In Mariupol to meet the needs of public transport will purchase 72 new trolley and the 64 bus.

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At the moment the project for the purchase of buses is tender.The first buses will be delivered this fall and the whole party transport needs to arrive in the city by the end of December.

We broke the purchase into two parties: 49 bus length of 12 m will be designed for 100 seats and 15 units will be large, accordions, 120-130. They will run on the busiest routes, where large traffic flow. Thus we will solve the problem of rush hour, – said the Director of the Department of transport and communications of the city Council Vasily klat.

Large buses likely to associate the left and the Central regions. In addition, the idea to run Express trains, which will run between the districts.

Of the 72 new vehicles will be 15 stand-alone course. Such trolley buses can cover distances up to 20 km without catenary. This will allow the trolley to freely drive around the city areas and segments of roads where the renovation or repair.