Markevich told what to do Dynamo to defeat Ajax

Маркевич розповів, що має робити Динамо, щоб перемогти Аякс

Today, August 28, Kyiv “Dynamo” will hold the decisive match of the Champions League qualification. At stake — a place in the group stage of the tournament.

To reach the number of 32 strongest teams in Europe, Dynamo need to beat Amsterdam’s Ajax to the difference in at least two goals, because in the Netherlands the Kievans lost with the score 1:3.

Dynamo can win at Ajax with the correct account, — said in comments to the Express-online Myron Markevych, the head coach of the national team of Ukraine, Kiev you just need to cross rivals. Ajax are not the team that cannot be beat. My prediction is victory of the people of Kiev with the score 2:0″. The victory of wards of Alexander Khatskevich predicted and Gennadiy Orbu, a former player of Shakhtar and Ukraine national team. “Dinamo” will be held “Ajax”, if the fans fill the stadium and if the people of Kiev will score a quick goal, — said Gennadiy Orbu. — If the Dutch first open an account, then they win the following two matches. I believe that Dynamo will win. Predict the winning of Kiev with the score 3:1 and a victory “Dynamo” in the penalty shoot-out”.

But the legendary football player of “Dynamo” Stefan Reshko made a pessimistic forecast for the home team. “Dinamo” played very badly in Amsterdam, says Stefan Reshko. — After this game I have serious concerns that we will not pass the group stage of the Champions League. Of course, I’ve been a fan for Dynamo and wish home team victory with the correct score. However, predicting minimum winning “Dynamo” with the score 2:1 and the passage “Ajax”.

Regarding bookmakers, they believe that the chances of both teams to win are equal. To win of both teams identified a factor of 2.6. A draw can be supplied with a ratio of 3.40.

We add that the match “Dynamo” — “the Ajax” will begin in 22 hours, and it will be judged a Slovenian team of arbitrators, headed by 42-year-old by Damir Skomina. He will be assisted Jure Praprotnik and Robert Vukan. The fourth function of the arbitrator to comply with Toma Clancy.


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