Mars was first recorded earthquake

На Марсе впервые зафиксировали "землетрясение"

National space Agency NASA announced that the probe InSight for the first time recorded the “earthquake” on Mars. The aftershocks on the surface of the red planet recorded April 6, however, scientists do not hurry to assert that it was “earthquake”.

What is known about the mission of the probe InSight? Recall the InSight probe went to Mars in may of last year and made a successful landing on Mars in November.

The main goal of InSight is the study of the internal structure and processes occurring in the bulk Martian soil. On the planet’s surface was equipped with two instrument – SEIS seismometer for measuring tectonic activity and device HP for registration of the heat flow under the surface of Mars.

На Марсе впервые зафиксировали "землетрясение"

Probe InSight recorded tremors on Mars

Fixed InSight? It is reported that on April 6 sensors SEIS registered a weak seismic activity. NASA notes that this is the first such signal which probably comes from the bowels of the red planet. Still fixed, “disturbances”, related to activity above the surface of Mars, in particular, the signals caused by the winds.

Thus, it is likely that probe InSight were the first to record “marstrasse”. However, while the researchers did not undertake to draw final conclusions. Experts continue to study the data obtained to establish the exact source of the recorded signal.

More aftershocks. NASA also added that the SEIS sensors registered three more of the weaker signal they received on 14 March and on 10 and 11 April.

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