Marshrutchiki Zaporozhye, sent opponent in the knockout in the road, went on trial

Запорожский маршрутчик, отправивший оппонента в нокаут прямо на дороге, отправился под суд

The conflict occurred in the area of the stop “Ul. Bazaar” in the Alexander area.

According to the victim, he was driving with his nephew to “Lanos” on the Avenue of the Cathedral as a passenger, when sharply depart from the bus stop they were cut. Just outside, they signaled marshrutchiki with the requirement to stop. He got out of the car, approached the driver of the bus and swung, but he dodged and stabbed in retaliation.

The victim staggered and fell on my right side, feeling a sharp pain in my leg and arm. In the end, the doctors diagnosed a closed fracture of the tibia and humerus. Some time run up the Creek the nephew of the victim did not give the bus to leave.

Zhovtnevyi district court found the bus driver guilty under article 128 of the criminal code, but released from punishment (240 hours of community service) in connection with the expiration of the limitation period. Moral damages in the amount of 5000 UAH. he still will pay.